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tube filler semi-automatic

tube filler semi-automatic

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July 3, 2015
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Description of linear liquid filling machine

A liquid filler is a machine that injects a certain amount of fluid from its nozzle into a container. These equipments are designed in different models. Linear fluid filling machine is one of the types of filling that can be made from 1 nozzle and more. The amount of filling can be easily changed.These devices leave little error in filling due to their large workload.


Linear liquid filling machine

The basis of the linear filling of liquids is that the material is stored in the tank. Bottles and containers are placed on the conveyor and stop under the nozzle. The injection is given into the container and continues until it is full. After the operation, the conveyor moves and places the back bottles under the injection valve. Because the bottles move linearly, this type of filling is called a line.

Liquid fillers are divided into two categories according to the type of liquid and its concentration: concentrated liquid filling machine and dilute liquid filling machine. The filling mechanism of the material varies in each of the fillers.

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