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کرم کاسه ای پرکن

bowl Cream filling

نام سرمایه گذار:
Hassan asadi
تاریخ ارسال:
December 13, 2019
Engineer Ali Borji
درباره پرژوه

Cream bowl filling

Our automatic spin filling and spinning machines are suitable for filling thin, medium and thick products in water such as liquid medicines, toners, perm lotions, air fresheners, skin care, etc. and with a compact configuration, the area Small occupancy, beautiful appearance, easy adjustment and wide applications that make it suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical, food or other industries.

In this series, the filling and closing operations are guided by precise mechanical transmission, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the products. All workstations are equipped, including filling, feeding cap, scam around a star

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