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who are we!

Welcome to Yekta Machine Parsian

Overview of the services of Yekta Machine Parsian Company Design, manufacture, sale, installation, commissioning and repair of packaging machines such as laminate filling tube, aluminum; Fill linearly, circular or bowl Features of Yekta Machine Parsian Company: Telephone and in-person consultation Production in accordance with international standards Having the latest machinery and technology in the world Utilizing the knowledge of experienced human resources Installation, commissioning and training of devices for free Willingness to cooperate with companies in the pharmaceutical, health and food industries of the country One year warranty and five years after-sales service Supply of products to domestic and foreign markets Yekta Machine Parsian Company has made many improvements in the last few years, including increasing the quality of industrial machines and their production speed Undoubtedly, quality and price is one of the criteria for ordering industrial machines

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After ordering the device by you, our engineers start designing the car map, in this process, even the smallest parts are considered.



After the design, it is time to start working on the machines, which is done by professional technicians.


Testing and reviewing

After working by the technicians, it is time to test the devices, in this review and test, even the smallest details are taken into account, and if there is a problem in working or anywhere else, the machine will be returned to the third stage.



After passing the review and testing stage, it is time to deliver the packaging machine to the customers, this is also done by the transfer specialists.

What we offer

It has always been considered


Manufacture of cosmetic packaging machines, filling tubes, labels, filling cream bowls, pancake filling and hand filling


Design a variety of industrial machines, optimally and up to date


Assembly of parts designed by the engineers of Yekta Machine Parsian Company, by technical works


Maintenance of all types of your industrial devices and machines by the professional technicians of Yekta Machine Parsian Company


Repair all types of your packing machines. The best repairmen in the field of industrial machinery. With the best and most up-to-date methods

Installation of various industrial machines

Industrial machinery installation technicians of Yekta Machine Parsian Company always install and operate the purchased machines in a suitable place of your company for free and deliver them to your workers.

Latest projects

Professional design and engineering

رضایت مشتری ها خوشنودی بیشتر ما.

Usually, companies ordering industrial machinery send us videos of the machines after installation, and we are very happy.

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