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Automatic bowl cream filler

Automatic bowl cream filler

نام سرمایه گذار:
تاریخ ارسال:
January 1, 1970
درباره پرژوه

Bowl cream filling machine

An updated device for filling cream bowls and jars

پرکن کرم کاسه ای

This type of device has high speed and accuracy.

Has a glass wall made of plastic for hygienic space.

پرکن کرم کاسه ای اتوماتیک

Has a control panel and touch setting.

کرم کاسه ای پرکن اتوماتیک

Automatic seal

پرکن تیوپ اتوماتیک

Steel tank


Automatic bowl cream filling machine

Cream bowl filling machine with touch panel and protective glass

Fully automatic machine suitable for filling bowl cream, cream, concentrated and dilute ingredients


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